Blind Dog Lover Asks People to Describe Their Dogs to Him and the Result Is Heartwarmingly Amazing

When you absolutely love dogs, you’ll do anything to find out more about them, from what they look like to how soft they feel. Stephen William Dale Shkuratoff of Calgary, Alberta, is blind, and that’s exactly what he did. He joined a variety of Facebook dog groups because…well, because he can’t get enough of dogs — and we can totally relate.

Posted by Stephen William Dale Shkuratoff on Monday, August 19, 2019

He took to one of his Facebook groups,  Dogspotting Society, and using his voice-to-text app, asked dog owners to describe in detail their own beloved canines. And although he lacks sight, his genuine curiosity of people’s dogs helps him learn more about the four-legged animals he loves to love.

Facebook/Dogspotting Society

“I love being a member of this group! I am blind and was hoping to ask for more dog descriptions. Personality traits are more helpful than colors. Like how soft the dog is for example. Bonus as always for dogs full of kisses and snuggles. Thanks for making me feel included.”

Thankfully, dog lovers have no problem bragging about their tail-waggers, and it didn’t take long at all for the group’s friendly pet owners to chime in with descriptions and photos, and of course make Shkuratoff feel included. If there’s one thing that brings people together in this crazy world, it’s dogs.

Thank you Ashley for a wonderful visit with Grace and Joey!!!

Posted by Stephen William Dale Shkuratoff on Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The request wasn’t his first one. He’s done it before. But this most recent one this past November 2019 brought more than 8,000 likes, 2,000 comments, and 177 shares! It also connected Shkuratoff with other like-minded dog lovers. What’s even better is that he has been able to meet some of the dogs and their people who live in his area, making Shkuratoff even happier.

But what about those responses to his request? We just can’t stop smiling…

Snuggly Scarlett

“My girl Scarlett is like a baby deer!… She’s super soft and loves to cuddle by burrowing into your side with her nose.”

Facebook/Dogspotting Society

Soft dog Mocha

“Mocha is a very soft dog with long white hair with big brown eyes. It feels like you’re touching a cloud when you pet him.”

Facebook/Dogspotting Society

Wrinkly Sol

“This is Sol. My vet says she is overweight but my fiancé says she’s just a thick girl (body positivity!) she has puffy cheeks and lots of wrinkles that hang over her collar and she has a muffin top that hangs over her legs when she sits.… She’s a good girl ❤️”

Facebook/Dogspotting Society

Zena, Luna, and Zoey

“Luna… has a big tongue and she just wants to give everyone all the kisses.”

Facebook/Dogspotting Society

Mischievous Mogul

“Hi, it’s Cate from Colorado. Mogul is a heeler mix (maybe with a pointer).… He is brown and white with freckles all over.…I love petting his ears and face gently because it is so soft it’s like velvet. He is mischievous and likes to steal cups, socks, and bras.”

Facebook/Dogspotting Society

Sleek Olivia

“My great Dane Olivia is very sleek with long, velvety ears. Her lips don’t seem t work so she is often drooly.”

Facebook/Dogspotting Society

Lovely Lulu

“This is Lulu our rat terrier mix rescue. She’s jet black with giant radar ears. She is cold all the time right now and loves to hang out on the bathmat directly in front of the register in the bathroom.”

Facebook/Dogspotting Society

Farleigh the Pitboxmalador

“Usually the first thing people say when they pet her is ‘Oh she’s so soft!’”

Facebook/Dogspotting Society

Bentley with the Underbite

“Bentley is a 6-pound tan haired toy poodle. He has fluffy hair (when we don’t take him to the groomers fast enough). And he has an underbite so he is always smiling! He likes to kick you in bed till you’re on the edge, even in a king-size bed. He loves cuddles and walkies!”

Facebook/Dogspotting Society

Valkyrie the Boston Baked Bean

“She loves to sit in my lap on the sun porch while I drink my coffee and feel the warmth of the sun.”

Facebook/Dogspotting Society

Endearing Emmy

“Hi! My dog Emmy is blind. She uses her nose to feel for things and to make me pet her. She has an incredibly soft coat and her ears feel like velvet. She loves to snuggle!”

Facebook/Dogspotting Society

We hope that Shkuratoff continues to meet all the dogs he can, accompanied by lots of snuggles and kisses, of course.

Posted by Stephen William Dale Shkuratoff on Sunday, September 15, 2019

You can join Dogspotting Society on Facebook to meet more wonderful dogs every day.


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