The Interactive Cat Toy Soon to Be Your Cat’s New Obsession (Verified Review)

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Meet My Cat Ramona

True to her name, my cat Ramona is a creature of boundless energy, curiosity, and affection. She loves to play almost as much as she loves to snuggle—both fine features in a feline—but sometimes it can be hard to keep her entertained when I’m plunked down at the computer trying to work and she’s staring at me doe-eyed desperately vying for my attention (or worse, playing surprise games of ambush with her unwilling, more docile sister, Matilda).

She’s Cute, But Gets Bored Easily

Ramona’s gaming style is strong: she’s stocky and smart, qualities that have helped her hack two versions of the Petstages ball-in-track games (the Cheese Chase I and Cheese Chase II) as she’s learned to flip the game upside-down for better leverage to grip the ball between her two front paws and dislodge it with her sheer kitty might and a few swiftly-executed bunny kicks.

Commence ball extraction

Unfortunately, once the ball has been removed from the track, game = over and Ramona comes ambling back to me, her ground zero (human) entertainment center.

(And for the record, these games are not designed for any cat to remove the ball, period, but Ramona is nothing if not an extremely determined cat always up for a challenge.)

Other games Ramona has outgrown and/or needs constant supervision from me:

  • The laser pointer: She’s learned it’s human-powered, and she’s now more interested in what my hand is doing than where the laser goes
  • Fetch: She good at chasing, and only 50% of the time good at retrieving (which yes, she actually does!)
  • Going outside (too scary and cold)

Researching next-level kitty toys that can stand up to massive chonk power and above-average problem-solving skills, I realized I needed a game that could take a licking and keep on ticking, and one that would free me up to do other things.

Behold the Power of A.I. Cat Gaming

When I discovered the PetDroid Boltz Robotic Interactive Cat Toy, I quickly learned it’s the next best thing to wasting your entire day trying to keep an obsessive, energetic, super-smart, and particularly clingy cat busy (which yes, I have done, and no, I don’t recommend).

So, whoever is responsible for the interactive, robotic wizardry behind this miracle A.I. pet device, thank you for designing a toy that somehow manages to capture a cat’s short attention span, and withstand full-on feline assaults, for more than just a few, fleeting moments.

Here’s Ramona in action:

I see it, I like it

What I Love About This Awesome Interactive Cat Toy

If you’re looking for a cat toy that goes above and beyond, offering truly useful and intuitive features not often seen in these kinds of things, here’s what I like about it:

  • It entices play with an erratic motion that kitty can not predict, starting and stopping at intervals kitty does not expect
  • It’s durable and smart, hobbling and rolling over anything and everything
  • It keeps working and rolls away after sustained bunny kicks
  • It automatically pivots and goes in another direction when it bumps into a wall or other surface, an obviously useful functionality
  • Its tantalizing feather toy is always upright and flapping no matter where it is and what it does (further enticing play)
  • It’s convenient and blessedly battery-free, charging via a USB cable
  • It drives Ramona wild with frisky frenzy for hours
  • I now have a little more free time to do things such as run errands and shower

The End

That’s it. That’s all I really wanted to say, basically. I have a little more time to myself these days and my cat is in the other room chasing a robot to infinity (and for the foreseeable future, beyond). Life is good.

I want it, I got it

Find the Interactive Robotic Cat Toy Here

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