Sweet Shelter Dog Gets Forever Home After Six Long Years

Spending just one day at the shelter is one day too many for any dog. But Sandi the boxer-pit mix spent a shocking 2,461 days (more than six years!) at the Marion-Grant County Humane Society in Marion, Indiana, which was half of the dog’s 12-year-old life.

Sandi’s luck changed in early January 2020 when she was finally adopted. The news stations were out in full force as she took her final walk out of the shelter and into a bright future.

Donning a much-deserved crown (because she’s a queen), Sandi walked alongside her new parents, Erin and Carrie Rhodes, on a special red carpet for the special occasion. (The Oscars have nothing on Miss Sandi!)

Happy tears flowed, and cheers could be heard from the shelter staff and volunteers, as cameras and cell phones captured an extraordinary moment that Sandi and her new family won’t forget. It was the cutest send-off of all send-offs.


Erin and Carrie, longtime supporters of the Marion shelter, were a perfect match for Sandi. They had recently lost their senior dog, and after meeting Sandi they were smitten. Sandi left such an impression after their first meeting that Erin and Carrie couldn’t get the dog out of their minds. They especially felt bad that Sandi had spent so many years at the shelter.

Sandi had come to know the shelter as her home after being found as a stray. Many employees had come and gone over the years, while Sandi kept getting overlooked by potential adopters. Shelter staff continued to hope that the adorable and loving dog would find a forever home.

And she did, thanks to Erin and Carrie. Everyone at the shelter was happy for Sandi and wished her and her new family the best of luck. As Sandi took that final walk to the car, everyone stopped to give lots of pets and get a Sandi smooch. Happiness could be seen in Sandi’s tail, which never stopped wagging.

That happiness is a new and forever dream home where Sandi is making up for lost time and living her best life.

We love you Sandi, Erin, and Carrie and we hope you get to enjoy each other’s company for a nice long time.

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