‘Picasso Painting’ Dog with Rough Start Finds Perfect Family and Spreads Message of Love and Acceptance

Brodie the German shepherd/border collie mix with the “wonky” slanted face may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but his unique looks and positive spirit have earned him thousands of friends around the world. And considering his rough start in life, he definitely deserves every ounce of love he can get!

Brodie’s life was rough from the start. He was born in a shelter, and his own mom attacked him when he was only 13 days old, leaving him with serious cranial injuries and partial blindness. His first adoption lasted only a short five months due to his high energy.

But despite all that, Brodie found his forever home with Amanda Richter and Brad Ames, who fell in love the moment they saw his adoption picture.

When Richter and Ames first saw a photo of Brodie, they instantly fell in love and just knew that this special dog had to become a part of their family, which includes their other dog Rosie, Brodie’s “mini-me.”

The couple adopted Brodie from Old MacDonald Kennels in Alberta, Canada in September 2019.  The couple shared on their Instagram page: “It’s not hard to see why everyone loves this little goofball as much we do lol. We hope that all this recognition will help others make the decision to rescue and adopt, especially those “less than perfect” animals out there!”

Hooked on a Dog

After meeting the adorable dog with the crooked face, Richter and Ames were hooked. They spent time with Brodie and took him on a walk and knew he was the dog for them. Thankfully, the shelter felt the same way.

While the couple found that Brodie is definitely a hyper dog (as his first owners stated) he is very intelligent and is a quick study. To Richter and Ames, being hyper is not a bad attribute. Brodie just needs someone to give him time and lots of love.

What’s even better is that Richter and Ames eventually would like Brodie to be trained as a therapy dog so he can help people who have special needs while spreading the word about disabled dogs.

Living Life to the Fullest

While we may never know why his mother attacked him, Brodie doesn’t let anything get him down, including his looks. He’s leading an exciting life of being a dog.

And for now, Brodie is always the life of the dog park as he’s the happiest dog there because dogs just want to have fun.

Brodie’s injuries may cause other issues down the line, but for now, he is very happy and healthy. And best of all is that Brodie is Brodie. He doesn’t know he’s different, which lets him enjoy his life as it should be.

We can all learn a lot from this resilient pup.

Have a great life, Brodie! We’ll be watching to see what you do next.

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